Hello and welcome to my website.  Please browse and enjoy what you see and

Born in Woburn, MA and lived as a young girl in Winchester, MA.  I have always
had an interest in art, nature and pretty things.  


Nana McDevitt was proud of her name; Rose Doherty, and wore a rose every day of her life
somewhere on her person, in her hair, as a piece of jewelry, or a crocheted or embroidered rose
pinned to her dress or scarf.

When I owned my artisan shop in Southern New Hampshire I began to paint more with the intent to sell
my work.  Although I had already been doing oils on canvas for my own collection and pleasure I then
added decorative craft items to my ware.  I learned much about decorative crafts from people like
Annie Peters, Nikki Sosnick and others.  Much of the painting I did was on New England roofing slate.  
After perhaps my third visit to Ireland to visit with cousins I started painting on the roofing slates that
had fallen to the ground from our old family mill.  

With the Ancestral Slates added to my repertoire my work became more sought after.  Now I no longer
have that happy little shop but when in 1999 I began selling my work via the Internet I again wanted to
give thanks to Rose Doherty.  Since these slates came from Nana McDevitt's homestead in Donegal I
wanted to honor her in some way.

To honor my Grandmother I decided to use the name Rose Cottage Gallery.  My hand painted logo you
see above here incorporates my love of Ireland as I know it, my delight for carousels and my tribute to
Grandmother Rose.

Please take your time to browse these pages and learn of past classes and sold works in addition to
new photo prints and art work now available for sale.  You can read about how I started following my
passion for painting and of some of my travels specifically to visit various operating carousels.  You
can also read of my latest and rewarding adventures as a photographer.

I hope you enjoy your visit and do drop me a line with your comments, suggestions and requests.
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