With the second sale on Fine Art America of another Carousel themed photo I think it's time to give my
happiness machines a space of their own on my website.  My thanks to John for starting me on my journey of
visiting these wonderful examples of fine American Folk art and also encouraging me to share some of my
pleasures with others around the world via the Internet.

Many of these images are now available for sale at Fine Art America both as beautiful framed and matted
giclee prints and 5 x 7 inch photo note cards.  
First some photos of part of my always expanding miniature figurine collection which currently has taken up most of my
living room besides having something of carousels in every room of my apartment.  There have been times in the past when
these pieces have been in storage and I can not even begin to tell you how much I missed not having them surrounding me.  
Should I find the need to put them in storage every again I will contact the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT and
see if they would like to display them for awhile.
Some of the examples on display at the New England Carousel Museum during the
Winter of 2001.  My first travel solely for the adventure of visiting carousel pieces.
My magical and happy Carousels
Let the magic touch the child in you
Since beginning this enjoyable adventure I have been able to admire carousels in Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Philadelphia, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire. Washington, DC, Toronto Canada
and even Paris, France.  If you have a particular carousel in the North East area that you might be
interested in having a photo just contact me and I will delve through my files

One of my visits was to the fantastically restored carousel in Holyoke, MA.  Some photos are
posted on my Fine Art America profile and soon I will share some of my favorite images here.  
There is also an article on
www.carousels.com with the information I learned on that visit.
John T. Hicky called the
PT#80 Merry-Go-Round his
"Happiness Machine". This
historic and beautiful
carousel now operates at
the Heritage State Park in
Holyoke, MA

These are two of my
favorite images from
that visit.  I'm having a
hard time deciding
which I want to create a
painting of first.
For this shot of the entire carousel I have
created a digitally matted poster.
Added to available giclee and canvas prints on
Fine Art America a collage of the Holyoke
Carousel.  Kodak prints will be made available
directly through this web site on the Buy Direct
page by request.  For the best view please go
For more available carousel prints by me and others use the link below and enjoy the viewing.
For a limited time stretched canvas prints at nearly half price up to 30" x 40" in size can be arranged.  Just email
me for details.  They are beautiful quality prints wired and ready for hanging, no frame necessary.  
In April of 2011 you had the opportunity to view and vote for some of the many artworks by Fine Art America artists
participating in the on-line Carousel Art Contest.  Since I was the sponsor of this on-line contest I did not have an entry
in it but my carousel images for sale as greeting cards or prints can be viewed my gallery:
 Life is Like a Carousel
1st Place
The winning photos of the Carousel and Merry-go-Round Contest below.  Click on the photo to go
directly to all of their available work in a new browser window.  Just close that window to return
here.  Also read the interview with 1st place winner Francie Davis on the
OtherArtists page here.
2nd Place
3rd Place winner Painted Ponies
from Anne Cameron Cutri
And because Francie Davis of Seaford, DE was both first and
second place winner she graciously offered to give one of those
places to someone else.  Next in the running of votes was this
beautiful photo

In August while on a short visit to Cape Cod I was able to photograph this lovely small carousel in Hyannis and also
make my second visit to the wonderful carousel and museums at Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA.
An evening shot of the small
carousel in Hyannis, MA.
One of the only 3 Flirting Rabbits
menagerie figures on display at
Heritage Museum, Sandwich, MA.
I sponsor a group on Fine Art America called "Happiness Machines of Childhood"  You can view more
carousel artwork of those members by clicking this link and visiting these other artists sites:
 Group Images
During the last week of July 2012 I was able to make a short visit to the wonderful Herschell Spillman Carousel at
Broadway on the Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Although I am a member of the National Carousel
Association and I usually check the census there when going on a trip I was totally surprised to find that this carousel
so wonderfully maintained is one of only 15 operating Herschell carousels in the United States and one of only a
handful of original carousels in the world.

I am posting only 2 photos here of that visit but am and will be continuing to post in my Carousel Gallery on my Fine
Art America site which you can view here:  
Carousel Art
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