The latest news from the artist updated periodically.
I will try to keep this page updated where you can peek in and get a quick synopsis of what has been posted new on
this site and what has been happening in my adventure as an artist/photographer. Latest partial update November 9,

My apologies for not keeping this page updated this past year.   We are now in a beautiful old 6 room home in East
Lynn, MA in a wonderful micro neighborhood.  Here is a short video made by one of my new friends and
neighbor showing just a small part of what my new neighborhood is like: Both Tiz and I
are very happy.  We have met new people, made new friends and joined community groups of special interest to us.  
I am now a member of Lynn Arts and The Goldfish Pond Association.  Happy but exceptionally busy.  Just recently I
have been able to have both the time and the energy to put into my art adventures.  As I write this I am embarrassed
to say that I am still unpacking and settling in which has been a massive task.  Currently I am having a huge closet
added to one of the spare bedrooms which will then be a dressing room for me.

I have just recently retired from full-time work and gave up a truly wonderful job for a tiny, almost no work, part-time
job just a few days a week locally.  I miss the substantial position I held for 7 years but now without the commute of
Boston traffic feel a tremendous sense of stress relief.  Mixed in with the constant work of getting my home the way I
want it I have been able to set-up my full-time studio and work on some art work from time to time.  In the unpacking I
discovered 2 plein air paintings I had done in 2000 while on a month long visit to Ireland.  I wasn't satisfied with them
back in 2000 and was delighted to find them now.  In 2014 I find I love them.  For the memories?

Print sales on Fine Art America for 2013 far exceeded my expectations and I continue to have sales each month.  
Some images seem to have become popular with repeat sales.  My Red Sox baseball series has done very well, and
also my images for Boston Public Gardens, the Swan Boats and the Nancy Schon Statue of Make Way for Ducklings.  
That image seems to be my most popular greeting card sale on Zazzle as well.  Just this month 2 large prints of my
Yawkey Way and Citgo Sign were sold to a New York company that is working on a Boston area hotel.  As soon as I
have the hotel name and location I will try to get a photo of me with my work on display.


Last year I offered desk calendars for sale that were enthusiastically accepted by the buyer at Brookline Booksmith
and all that I supplied them sold. They were also for sale at Natural Sense in Newton and in both Wellfleet Marketplace
and So. Wellfleet General Store with a Cape Cod theme.  I plan to work more vigorously on developing these for
different interests and sights and will be bringing them to fairs and shows in the coming year as well as selling them
directly via word-of mouth and the Internet.  These calendars are a perfect size for a desk and are printed on premium
80 lb glossy card stock.  If you are in the Greater Boston Area I hope to have them available this holiday season at the
fairs I will be participating in where you can see them in person and perhaps consider them also as a great gift or
stocking stuffer!  So far for 2015 calendars I have one done with a carousel theme.  I am also working on something
for the local Lynn neighborhood and possibly Salem, MA.  This one shown below will be for sale at a reduced price on
November 22 at the Saugus High School Fair.

Brookline Booksmith at Coolidge Corner in Brookline now occasionally carries a small supply of my note and greeting
cards in their wonderful gift department where you will also find many items hard to find anywhere else along with a
terrific assortment of stimulating board games for children and families.  The purchase of the Championship Banners
shown above was from a Brookline buyer and I can't help but wonder if they saw the print first as a greeting card on
sale at the Booksmith.

Since joining Fine Art America in April of 2009 it has been a very exciting experience for me.  In the first six months I
sold two photographs both of which were taken long ago before I ever thought of offering any for sale.   FAA offers a
wide selection of options for each available giclee print which can be configured in many options of style, frame and
mat all done professionally to suit the buyer and their decor done on museum quality papers and canvases.  At any
time you want to view the images I like best just go to   I have added a
gallery there of my personal favorites.   Currently artist can offer Limited Time Promos of any image we choose
printed on canvas in standard sizes that are usually less than half of the normal price.  If at any time you want to see
what I am offering just go to my artist website and on the left click on the
Shop tab, this will give you a drop down
menu.  On the right of this click on the
Limited Time Promotions.  The Promos run very quickly and are truly limited
times so if there is something you like in my portfolio just let me know what size you are interested in and I will try to
make it available for you.  With the  promotions I was able to purchase several prints on stretched canvas to have
available for shows and art fairs and some also for hanging in my own home.   After seeing an 11" x 14" print
of my Girls in Wildflower painting my boss on my previous 9-5 job wanted a larger print.  So I set up a promotion
where she could order a 16" x 20" print for her bedroom at less than half price.  I brought the original painting into the
office so that we could compare the two.  I could not be happier with the quality of the FAA print.  For the time being
we can do this for nearly any of our images so if there is something you see in my portfolio that you would like to own
in a stretched canvas print just let me know.  They are absolutely beautifully and professionally printed and finished
ready to hang.  Fine Art America is now offering both prints on acrylic and metal along with all the usual options like
canvas and papers with framing and matting.

My Newest Adventure is to conduct painting sessions again here at home.  Please visit the "Classes" page here for
more information.
As always a slide show of the last 10 images uploaded at
Art Prints
Below is a slide show of some of my available products on Zazzle.  New items added regularly like fridge
magnets and tote bags or mouse pads.  You will even find mugs and plates to add to your festive occasion
table.  You may
double click any image to get to my store there.
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Now I must get back into painting walls, hanging prints, and grouting tile in this old house that I
now call home.  As always I appreciate and am thankful for your interest in my endeavors as an
artist and hope you enjoy keeping up with my projects and news.  Please share with your contacts,
join my mailing list on Fine Art America or send me a note here with your comments.
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